Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Job

Is it just me or does my face hurt?
The sky was up there all night
making my skin crawl.
I mean, what is that sky doing up there anyway?
And what about all those people grabbing winks?
(That's cool talk for sleep). Sleep is overrated.
Light is the most reasonable source
of joy when it comes from something
like the sun or a lighthouse.
Those are the cream of the crop
in the world of light hierarchies.
A flare of a match, on the other hand,
is just too brief and sad with its patented sulfur flash.
And what about that red plastic flashlight
you bought for a dollar at a garage sale?
You used it to illuminate the room
in the middle of the night with shadowy monsters.
No good, that. Too freaky.
I can make some mysterious nasty sounds
that would scare you in the middle of the night
but I won't do that ever again, I swear.
I would like to bring Vermont
to Brooklyn by way of France.
That would show you something sweet
I could do. I would also like
to show you that I can pack
a suitcase, make good toast
and drink coffee with the best of them.
Okay, that's it for light and travel. Now I would
like to show you another good job I can do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this! Hello from sunny California. XO

4:24 PM  

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