Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pinkie Promise

We start the day with humming loaves.
All I have to do is shake my hips
and the laughter ensues, then
kale, kefir, and mud.
A synopsis is lemon and months.
What you are starving for is slippery.
In a dessert some charm and clang.
Coat your wool with rubber and walk
in the rain. People get off
and leave crunch trails on the sheets.
Radial light walkers smooth out backs.
Visitors lunch on skin munchies.
Skip into the underworld and get up on my lips.
Just get into the zone with popping
and good things in the morning.
Pinkie promise yoga while you
listen to Bergen Street hum.
Some things are just great
and loose and right.
That's your ticket.


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