Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Initiate Human Contact

You could arm wrestle with a perfect stranger
on a beautiful day like today. Okay, try this:
Walk into a deli and put a gallon of milk on the counter and ask
the cashier to arm wrestle. Simply put your elbow up
on the counter next to the milk and challenge the cashier
with your inside voice. Maybe there's a truck idling outside
and some kids are walking to school,
maybe a man is standing behind you
with a package of cookies. It's all coming together now.
You need to initiate contact with some fellow humans,
but you're going about it all wrong.
You're too aggressive and there's not enough sweetness or fun
in your leisure activities. Here, let me show you how.
I hope this is a magical year for you.
I miss you a lot.


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