Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Year Ahead (In Holidays)

You can buy the calendar these holidays appear on by clicking here.

January 1: National Artificially Calm and Hopeful Day
January 13: Do Real Adult Things All Day Day
January 22: Don’t Spread Your Legs So Wide on The Subway Day (NYC Only).
February 2nd: NYC Alter a Subway Poster Day
February 14th: National Is This Bullshit Really Love? Day
February 28: National Drink a Whole Bottle of Codeine Cough Syrup and Go Into Work Just to See What Will Happen Day
March 22: Look for a New Job Day
March 29: National Become a Cry Baby Frankenstein Day
March 30th: International You Smell Like My Mom Day
April 11: New More Functional Life Day (State by State)
April 21: Really Think About It Day (NYC Only)
April 24: Totally Body Slam Someone Who Bumps Into You Day (NYC).
May 13th: Actually Complete One Task Day (Brooklyn Only)
May 28th: Don’t Let The Fuckers Bring You Down Day (Universal)
May 30: Give Cookies Laced With Xanax to Your Loud Obnoxious Neighbors Day (Cobble Hill)
June 10th: National Make Out With Someone From Facebook Day
June 13th: National Your Boss Can Suck It Day
June 27: National Get Your Mind Together Day
July 4th: National All Plans Fail Day
July 13th: National Desiring Machine Day
July 29: International Get Away From Me Day
August 10: National Has The Shirt You’ll Die In Been Manufactured Yet? Day
August 25: National One Week’s Pay for Root Canal Day
August 29: National Write “this is a robbery” On a Dollar Bill Day
September 2: Get Off Your Ass And Dance Day (Brooklyn)
September 20: Slip Into Something Sexy At Work Day
September 27: Send Your Mother Home Your Navel Day
October 5: Tag a Bathroom at Barney’s Day
October 13: Jump Up and Down Like a Fucking Idiot Until You Feel Better Day (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)
October 31: Wear a Mask Into a Bank Day
November 19th: Everything Will Burn Day
November 22nd: Don’t Give It Up, Yet Day
November 23: Give It Up Day
December 1: Worldwide Fuck Shit Up Day
December 25th: Families are Just Plain Weird Constructs Day (Universal)
December 31: International Was It Worth It? Day


Blogger Chicken Underwear said...

"June 13th: National Your Boss Can Suck It Day"

aren't you at work now?

2:42 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

December 1: Worldwide Fuck Shit Up Day

3:39 PM  

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