Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Take a Walk

All you can do is get up
and when you do: someone hands you
a blue balloon. Favorite food: taco.
The sky is a rare gray color splashed with
a chorus of buses. Gravity works
in a creaky way today. Down the stairs
to the paper: one foot in front
of the other down a circle to earth.
Someone may or may not be thinking
of me now or never. The coffee is reason
enough to stand up or sit down.
All I can do is do what I do.
Romance is a really funny thing.
The language of love must be observed and weighed.
The blue mug I've had for years. I love that.
Standing on the street. Baltic Street.
Making a gesture like come here
or run away or I live here alone.
You might observe me walking to the store to purchase provisions.
My favorite color is blue. I need to pay the bills,
eat a banana and take a walk.


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