Friday, November 26, 2010

Simple Times

I'll always be pulling for you despite the circumstances
of your evolution. I've come to know these days as swift
and precise, not empty or lame in the least. I pulverized
despair in an effort to care less. You need to watch
your mouth out. And then this word, I can't say it. I'm so lonesome
I could get older without you noticing I'm here. And I am all they
need too. And all they say I am. And more too, you'll see.
I'll love you more or less than you know by never
letting you in. The night is full of fair creatures,
and the sky, oh so perfect. I could climb the stairs
with someone in my arms. But I'd rather be carried like
a sack of sleep. Today I got all windswept while
speeding through Manhattan on a machine.
The cars were all softened by my bones. What I'd like to say
is: this fever will break. I'll go to work and no one will know
what has become of us in our sleep.


Blogger joanna said...

watch your mouth out

1:11 AM  

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