Sunday, November 07, 2010

Radio City

At evening I might come for you
and wrestle you free from my body
you know that age is not a sin
I can't do anything about it not now or ever
let me soothe you with some soap and lotion
let me draw a bath clipped from long leisurely sentences
let me lift my language from the vocabulary of angels
I feel no despair as much as I feel better
than a year ago or better than last winter
when the mechanisms of my doubt lured me in
on the first night of daylight savings
I give you my heart and I'll tell you why
someone is making a bed in a language
you don't understand but you will
because it's time to dance and you will
because the fever of your spirit is spilling
all over the place but mostly on me.


Blogger Hannah Miet said...

All this sighing hurts sometimes.

"let me draw a bath clipped from long leisurely sentences"

What a line.

3:20 AM  

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