Monday, August 02, 2010

Summer Poem

Pull me from the river
by the ear. Feed me a lovely
apple-rhubarb cobbler made
by a hippie grandma. Take a very serious
ride with me while I cup my hand
on the sugary curve of your wet spine.
It's too hot to quip about lungs
and mirth: you just watch me
make you feel good all summer long.
Your holiday is done
now you can wonder that a world
is worlding around us at all.
Come on over
to the pro-dizzy side of things.
Your bliss is heart stained.
Blowing my state of mind away
with a blue aluminum sail.
I watch trees ripen apart and sour
through the sky. Writerly practice
is magic. We're going so fast
that the road ahead looks
only a foot wide until you're
in front of me and then things
expand. Stroke the chest figure
like a lemon radio and hurl yourself
into my colors. We need your message.


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I pull me from the river

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