Thursday, July 15, 2010


What you could do is fall back in
with a smile. My new minimalist thing
is going on in my mind while a lot
of stuff is happening. And anyway,
I think I stand right here. Now look
at all the go-get-it-ness in the world
with all these people going to get it
(and getting it). Something to quite simply give.
How to post songs that will help me
walk upright. To just start sitting
after letting my belly sag to the floor.
May and June are so over with that
it has become July. Time is very exciting
and I am so free that I can do anything
I fucking want. It is open season on
coffee consumption. Like a knife
made of light through my brain.
I start flopping around. The last time
a voice was heard other than my own
in this apartment at any point in my life.
This word is silent - there, I said it.


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