Saturday, July 10, 2010

Top Seventeen Saturday Things

1) That peculiar angularity of Horatio St. just off Hudson St.

2) Watching some dark curly-haired guy's hair tumble onto the barber's lime-green converse high tops.

3) Julian Lynch's song "Mare."

4) The pleasant throb of James Schuyler in my brain all day.

5) Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes.

6) S'nice's old hit "Apple Bran Muffin."

7) New soles at Arty's on 8th.

8) Being overwhelmed by so many fond memories of the Joyce Theater
as I walked past it on 8th Avenue this afternoon.

9) Didn't she tell me she went to Art Bar with a semi-famous actor once?

10) That wisdom tooth is missing now, from your mouth.

11) The M-train is on the F-line now, until Essex Street. Oh, Hello Marcy Avenue.

12) Art Devlin's Motor Inn, where I'd planned to stay for the 3rd year in a row. My right foot hurts.

13) Before that, The Econolodge down the road from Lake Placid.

14) Just being alone and doing shit.

15) Today feels like a pleasant puzzle that I've been working on since 5 AM.

16) Suddenly at 5:21 PM it is raining, finally. All day the sky was making stormy suggestions.

17) I've decided that it's okay to really groove out in my living room solo dance-in-a-chair show.


Blogger richard lopez said...

i'll second #14. my favorite thing to do in all of creation.

you won't believe this. word verifcation is


would it were if true.

3:04 AM  

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