Friday, July 02, 2010

Independence Day

I am hanging by a thread for the people
pressing my palm against my forehead for your lord
the whole summer could be dazzling so
you can stop feeling sad and restless now
that the animals are all sleepy from
the drugs in the tuna fish can
I can see you sitting
in a pile of colorful rags
in your garden
you've been running around
just to get me out of your system
that whole thing about letting go of stuff
was really all about letting go of me
your independence day is shutting down
memory oh say can you go to the beach
shine on and so you go on
because you think you can
see what is in your heart is a muscle
when you rest your head on mine I'm not so sure
what to make of your muscle covered in metal blankets
the best is yet to come
let me show you how to let go
kissing is easy anyone can do it
but not everyone can do it well.


Blogger LOLITA said...

What a beautiful movement in this poetic body.

4:26 PM  

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