Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Selected Robots: An Explanation

Instead of sparking the apparatus
the grunge has been rubbed off to illuminate
the sheen under the grime. Some parable
of workers misted with dust grease
taking the position of the worker
in relation to the work in order to undress
the robot and speak to it in the privacy
of a room like an office or garage. In the olden
days some robots would laugh with creases
where the smiling had occurred on each
side of the aluminum mouth which would
corrupt the integrity of the structure
of the robot. Instead of a celebrity robot
walking into a room or someone like
that with the status of celebrity lighting
up the room if you are friends with one
you will know what I mean: they never
call you back. So let this document serve
as an explanation of workers and what they mean
to the people with status and how we are treated at all.
You'll see what I mean in a minute or two
when you go back to work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to speak with your robot in private!

4:24 PM  

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