Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red Paper Heart

What makes you move
so gracefully across the room
to me with a red paper heart
in the palm of your hand?
The tilted November light
reminds me of Brooklyn
and you. People are texting
all over the place. They use
the same words I use to say
"hello" or "I miss you" or "how are you?"
But I won't let that spoil my
communication with you in the modern
age of mass communication.
We're all using borrowed language
to express our most intimate desires. Anyway,
I'm okay now and then. I feel creamy and
lucid, smiling as the thought
of you makes an instant face
and impresses me a lot.
See you soon, I presume.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the title of this poem. it reminds me of an old danish christmas story, peters jul, from 1886.

10:21 AM  

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