Thursday, November 05, 2009

If There Was Something I Could Do

If there was something I could do
I would be doing it and making it
happen in a big way not being misunderstood
or standing around with this pocket
full of motor oil and doubt. I'm always
on the inside of whatever side there is.
I'm scooping out the medicine from a rancid
cantaloupe. I can dance like way better
with my antennae picking up the vibes
and anyway I'm not alone. There will be
times when you will regret what you said
or sent or did, that's just part of the game.
I'm lending my name to the partly cloudy chance
of rain and it's just fine by me to be stirring
in the night with or without you. There are
things on the radio dial I can find voices
and they are calming me down the path.
What is that dangling from the 9th tree?
Oh yeah, the last leaf from last spring.


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