Monday, November 02, 2009

Give it Up

You might want to let go of what's dogging you
and get away with it. I'm only saying. I'm just
saying it and rediscovering it so when you say
it again I'll be ready for it, having heard it before.
When you say it again for me I'll almost be waiting
for you to say it. Sit in a chair, press your hands to mine,
order in, talk, that sort of thing. That's all we need to do.
Singing in the Rain had a chip on the disc
so it was unplayable. We watched West Side Story instead.
I got up to do the dishes right when Chico went on his rampage.
When I came back I asked what I'd missed.
Clean dishes now and the smell of bleach
curling in from the kitchen. Goat's milk tastes tangy and gamy to me--
which makes it irresistible. I could always taste the color cobalt blue.
I'm tired of toiling away with the reasonable people.
Now that I know you want to walk in the rain with me
won't you tell me where to meet you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

meeting somewhere with
a little give
a little stretch
the wing at the base
of the pinky and left ring finger
marks the spot:
the spaces between
raindrops and goatmilk


10:55 AM  

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