Friday, May 22, 2009


Just in time for the most glamorous summer ever, we are proud to announce Sprung Formal 09: A Magazine of International Finance from the Kansas City Art Institute. Fantastic art and literature by Eirikur Orn Norodahl, Mike Hauser, Josef Kaplan, Brandon Brown, Alli Warren, Jasper Bernes, David Perry, Kari Frietag, Todd Colby, Sarah Luther, Linda Lay, Sarah Sarai, Nada Gordon, Sawako Nakayasu, Jordan Stempleman, Ryan Daley, Nathan Logan, Edwin Torres, James Meetze, Sarah Mangold, Alex Savage, Maurice Burford, Jess Rowan, Charlie Mylie, Neil Thrun, Kyle Devine, Krystal Languell, Ashley Wick, Andrew Cimelli, Andy Erdrich, Natanja, Joe Lawlor, Evan Davies, David Kirby, Adam Beris, Jordan Johnson, Joe Taylor and others. 103 pgs., perfect bound, with 8 full-color postcards. Perfect to read in debtor's prison or by the fountain of youth.

$10 includes shipping for an Internet-only deal. You can get one if you paypal to anne boyer at gmail dot com or send a check made out to Anne Boyer to Kansas City Art Institute, attn: Anne Boyer, 4415 Warwick Boulevard, Kansas City Missouri, 64111.


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