Thursday, May 28, 2009

Safety Takes No Holidays

Sporting business casual
because that is all the rage
with the out of work punk kids in BedStuy.
Looping the film about antelopes
getting chased and devoured by lions.
A bolt of blue fabric hissing as it burns.
Kissing the wrists until they hickey
mold cups to bone and grind. Not a gender
hippie or an ass clown, just wondrous
and breathable brain tissue while churning
and I do mean churning.
Which one will you have? Each
is suitable for framing a flower
made of skin and wax hung
over the radiator for inspection.
Contact my station agent if you want
words rubber stamped to gift wrap paper.
A contact lens, a glass of water,
a speck of granola pressed into
my arm. I wouldn't cross you
in this chain letter to survive, not you, or
not without you.
I rolled you over so you could breathe
through the filter of a pillow.
You should be thankful because
it is important for me to feel helpful
& survive all this. Was this poem helpful?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This poem takes the cake and is the cat's pajamas.

Jenny, yo

8:36 AM  
Blogger Maggie May said...

i like the rolling feel here, the chain letter, the pillow, the question

5:08 PM  

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