Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orchid Enthusiast

They was inside saving me from impatience.
They was all loser you can't write a grocery list
in the third person. If you join the club you get a prize.
The money is shit so you just have to wing it from bed up
to bed down with a superb greasy motion. Like a dolphin
swimming in olive oil or people listen to me: it can't last.
Breathtaking syrups enhance life.
You can fill a face with silver paint
and splash it on a blue car. I'm fainting
all the time now. A frothing orchid enthusiast in the park
like there's going to be a time in my life
when you feel comfortable with me walking around-
like that would ever happen. Oh the things
that come out of your mouth keep me awake at night.
Get up and subtly take off your clothes
like you're taking out the trash but you're naked
like they was all good morning we didn't notice
you were so naked on Baltic Street at all.

To no longer think of something because one has
a perfect understanding of something.
The wind is made visible by flowers. I'll listen for
your name as it is spoken by the people
on this island.


Anonymous kimberly said...


7:29 AM  
Blogger VicoLetter said...

'The wind is made visible by flowers...' and this is great: like mad and brilliant revisionist history...A Riot in the Charm Factory.

sail on mr. c...
xo VicoLe

9:04 AM  
Anonymous matt at shadow of iris said...

"To no longer think of something because one has
a perfect understanding of something."

I admit is often feels this way, but certainly it can't be.

Beautiful poem.

9:15 PM  

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