Friday, April 17, 2009


This Saturday April 18 at 6:45 PM

Poetry • Music • Raucous Auction

Many of the following contributors will be there, singing or reading a poem or two.

New writing from: Matt Hart, Jessea Perry, Sam Magavern, Nathan Hoks, Nick Antosca, David Berrigan, Bradford Gray Telford, Sean Kilpatrick, Stephanie Cleveland, Rebecca Loudon, Anthony Farrington, Elizabeth Hughey, Craig Cotter, Duane Vorhees, Todd Colby, Jeni Olin, Chris Martin, Scott Abels, Eugene Ostashevsky, Fred Schmalz, Lee Ranaldo, Noelle Kocot, Will Morris, Marianne Vitale, Mike Topp, Clnt Frakes, Kevin McWha Steele, Suejin Suh

World News Reports From: Sawako Nakayasu in Japan • Dmitry Golynko in Russia • Eugene Ostashevsky in Florence, Italy • Bernadette Mayer & Phil Good in Upstate New York • Sparrow on Long Island, NY • Edmund Berrigan in Brooklyn, NY • Thomas Devaney in Philadelphia, PA • Michael Kelleher in Buffalo, NY • John Most in Virginia • Chuck Stebelton in Milwaukee, WI • Eric Lorberer in Minneapolis, MN • J.S. Makkos in New Orleans, LA • Shafer Hall in Austin, TX • Julie Reid in Petaluma, CA • C.E. Putnam in Seattle, WA

Bring a little extra scratch for the auction barked by Todd Colby.

This issue is 200 pages of poems, fiction, rough drafts, art, world news reports, irate letters to the editor.

Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street NYC
Between Sullivan and Thompson

Subway ACEBDQF to West 4th RW to 8th or Prince

Visual Art from: Jeff Benjamin, Tracey McTague, Deth P. Sun, Marci Washington



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Patoots. Look forward to coming to this!

8:38 AM  
Anonymous long island girl said...

this will surely be very interesting. good luck guys.

11:35 AM  

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