Wednesday, April 01, 2009

15 Things from Berlin

1) Last meal in NYC: Spinach, avocado, salmon, Annie's goddess dressing, I'm thinking baby carrots too and an apple and blackberries and red hot blues and water.

2) To appreciate each other's style in the back country.

3) A videotape of people standing around confused as water came in the room slow and crawling like a snake.

4) Days moving by so fast I don't know dates anymore.

5) I would like to take this place out to take my wound is a naked American the same sort of savage blame so could be getting better with love which is not corny so be kind.

6) Wonderful thinking apparatus: The man they call Cheetah is bloated with toast.

7) Every day that goes by means I'm a little further away like a boat at sea away from the shore the bed a raft floating out - away away - away. Eventually land will become an afterthought. Then there will be land and I will say goodbye to this bed.

8) Valet by Windy and Carl, half-asleep all the way through each song.

9) Here is April already. I woke up this morning in Berlin. They invited me here so I will read my poems to the people here.

10) No more k-holes.

11) Bells by Vetiver.

12) White Eames chair.

13) A picture of a flower sent in an email.

14) "All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare." -Spinoza, Ethics, v.42

15) The Book of Clouds: For a year I collected images of clouds that I'd scotch tape into a sketchbook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am enamored of:
#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9, #10, #11,#12,#13,#14, & #15.

your friendly neighborhood Anon

6:57 PM  

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