Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff onto it or in it

The minivan is parked outside again with people
packed in it. When I walk by it lists to one side
from the people inside making a serious effort to watch me walk by.
Us people are understanding stuff better than others.

In just a little bit some fantasy game like
Internet gambling on imaginary events or
the presence of social networking
as a possibility of getting prominence or recognition from peers.

Those channels like channels on a television
you can change with your good arm and not be worried
that the crimes are being committed that
the people are being frisked and manipulated.

It is more like having physical contact with people's ideas
about themselves at work or in social systems like at home
or with friends or at the hardware store with some people
there that can help you build stuff or improve your home.

The test is just looking at all of them in the stores
or the street and not feeling like everyone is squirming
in the subway wreathing together a slow motion
pollen exchange and then a delicate wandering about.


Blogger Maggie May said...

' a slow motion pollen exchange '


I like this whole poem, the whole feeling and thought of 'physical contact with people's ideas'

3:06 PM  

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