Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Valentine Poem

It has come to my attention
or my attention has come to this
the slick steps leading to the street
disappear under me as I step toward you
skimming dimes from the fountain
isn't like you, not that I know you
but I'd help you if you ever needed my help
moving books or changing a mood.
I'm all about compassion and sophistication
in 2009, even if it kills me I'll balance
on the beam of light churning from the railroad
of your eyes. It's not raining now that
the sun has settled on Valentine's Day
as the day to make the guy walking
down Court Street holding a bag of groceries, me.
And still, couples wander into museums and come
rushing out flinging postcards of great paintings
at the same bellies they once kissed for hours
leaning into night late as afternoon gets
it's buzz from morning coffee, panini,
a few vitamins and this compact frame
edging up to the city with nothing but expectation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this poem. Thank you.

9:09 PM  

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