Friday, February 20, 2009

Lake Poem

I would like to remind you that on the side
of the lake your head is resting
on my belly there your head is bobbing up
and down as I breathe I like watching
you breathe in syncopation with my
breathing this is elegant this is a very sophisticated
form of desire though other animals
are known to do just this when animals
were smaller and lived near the water
those animals can't read or reason those animals
are ruled by passion can animals feel passion
let's not confuse instinct with passion but it's real
the civilized manner of just resting there with you
watching your head move with my belly breathing
not saying anything or when something is said
it's said in a calm tone that makes the scene
more vivid that reminds us to be calm
to be kind and just look at things from where
we are seeing them at that moment and just
relax into that and don't churn with disgust or regret
or try to polish that to a more brilliant hue
don't ruin it the lake will be there
a long time after we are gone.


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