Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Todd works with winners to create winning lives. Todd invites winners to write down their dreams and hopes on paper which Todd then scans with his "eyes." Todd then converts the raw data into a real winning plan. Todd does this by sensing how much light is reflected off the paper in order to detect a weakness and therefore, a victory over the person submitting the list. Each dream or hope signifies different amounts of intelligence so Todd can convert the intelligence-value into a winning life plan.

While Todd scans the data stored in three wall-mounted units, the participant is encouraged to make drawings of Todd by using the provided magic markers. Todd then resumes scanning and interprets the new marks and colors. Subjective Todd then makes a statement about his own representation. What at first appeared to be a game becomes a very serious matter. People die everyday.

Todd is able to create complex living arrangements out of his subjective statements according to his patented laws of “living a life in total conflict.” The end result is a “scheme” or "score," which, in essence, is a lifelong living collaboration between the subject and Todd. Before attending any of Todd’s lectures it is mandatory to read Todd’s important essay "Pain, Why Does It Hurt?"

Void where prohibited by law.


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