Thursday, October 09, 2008

Remember to this one

Your words
do not remember you
on a of sheet paper printed
with the image of a tiger
eating the prince of the narrow valleys.
Bunsen it him!
The whole expensive color invigorates the sky,
while we eat cheese lunches and bread to plunge.
Brushed feather which works now handles.
Perfect and clear night in the firm mediums,
bronze closed circuits, total the melody of our own end.
Like you the air is beaten from my face.
They left the reproduction of your ring
cracked on my cheek.
Extended at the end of amber and of wax
deep in the perfume of water.
My quality! The new day has a light. My quality!
I misses you. Your fragile plays are true expenses
and goods for the majority of the alive things.
The animals receive the luminous light shirt
and on them it ignites.
Thanks! I know that you know yourselves
without me knowing you won.
To remember to this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comical and scary at the very same time. Reading your poem felt like I was getting a brain massage with a roll of nickles.

11:44 AM  

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