Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Songs

There are over 100 stories of what you can do for me--I'm just hoping by the time I get back from my root canal you'll have enacted one of them. Like the time we jumped into the water from a rope swing. It skidded along your shoulder and turned your arm blue. You wrote the best songs after that. And still there is the urgency of simply sitting and not letting the day get all slippery and detached. There will always be something you're missing out on, like fresh linens, the paucity of good deeds, the urban sound, you know--all that and more. Still I like the way the jobs get done. Even the bad egg with her manipulation of time and the constraints of knowing it all when no one at all knows anything. Better luck next time when someone is honestly bringing you down, because they will see through you and you'll just have to sort of stand there examining their take on you. Bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that they don't know more than you do--\whomever they are\ and your songs & poems make me contemplate!

11:13 AM  

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