Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Note

Maybe some new furniture would help settle her mind or some sweet little medicine would make her forget that there were little piles of cat food rotting in dishes. But her plans were far from concrete. In fact, her method of gazing at the empty tub, then putting the kitten in it, then sighing, then removing the kitten, then filling the tub up with red food coloring--it made no sense and left an alarming stain in the tub. Then company came and the battle was not to let them get into the bathroom. It was Thursday, so all the papers were being gathered to be put into a bin. She found a post-it note with some words written on it in green ink. The words were blurred, but she could tell they were words. She's got a crisp thanksgiving and a firm handshake. There might be a teeter-totter somewhere with her bottle of medicine taped to it. There's a note on it.


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