Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Small Wonder

It seems there is something
starving so as to ask to be let go
or reeled in this spiked heart
all the vinyl shredded
it might mean something
really getting big
but getting lighter more
as the day progresses
enough anger to shear
the face from the features
that make it a form
a ball now featureless
starving to be told what
to do in the event
of an emergency pull
the goddamn handle and bark
make sounds a guitar
would make in your room
in an emergency
break the glass and and scream
your fucking head off
that means move along
inside the world is starving
too old to get along
just a bunch of stuff
and then more stuff
you could call it a retail world
but the grains of it
each particular part of it
is counter
to the part before it
nothing is continuous
a small wonder we
started the day off at all
and found our way here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely. Thank you, Todd.

3:35 PM  

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