Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A monument for the people

A monument was erected for the people. The people were supercharged with their desire to see things go through the cycle of being. The cycle of being is defined by the talented people whose job is to define things for the people to think about while they are working to make the talented people feel comfortable about what they are defining. The people wanted to witness rot so with their maps of places of rot they would visit towns they'd like to tear down and then simply start over in another town with new monuments. You can start over in another town with new monuments -- provided you have the cash money -- and that takes work, people. To make room for the burning furniture and pillows -- you know, things like that -- they would spark. The people would settle down in the evening with thin papery thrush around the corners of their mouths because some of the people have talent and having talent means you can chill out while the other people work. The temptation of the people to burn everything in sight was one that was easily resolved with the illumination of the consequences of not having anything left to burn. In the summer heat things like fire are easy to explain explained one of the talented people who was still one of the people. It's a determined look that makes the talented people think you're working hard to be determined not to look like you're loafing around in front of the monument. There are so many sayings that can be said to help the people live better lives and distract them from what you're doing in your free time. For instance: If the architecture is bothering you then you can just take a seat and wait for the stuff to crumble because it will -- did you bring a good book? May I suggest a leave of absence?


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