Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Artist in Montana

In the carnival scene
there is a pink light
pointed at the dancer
and he is enraged
about the brown air
from the BQE
lingering around the baby.
In the car Mom is trying
to smoke a wintergreen
lifesaver--the white edges
are charred between her lips.
In the job there
are a lot of people
with small pox and misty
eyes because the movie
was so good--the movie
about a male prostitute
named "TIGER" who
befriends an elderly
woman who later drowns
in a pool of vanilla, amber
and patchouly.
In the store there is
a mellow vibe brought
on by Hadyn, but later
Lightning Bolt comes
on the i-pod and
everyone starts dancing
and stabbing stuff.
In the medicine cabinet
is a face cream that
makes skin transparent
so you can see if
your cheekbones
have cancer or filth
on them. The cream
comes with a scrapping
tool, fine sandpaper
and Woolite.
I have a job to do
so long.


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