Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Can’t Eat What’s Not on Your Back

Put your farmer tan back in
my body she said she thought
I'd done a good job for the man
we all think we've done a good job
we’ve all injured birds with massive cars
I know you think people are just trying to chirp
tender songs on drugs but you got me at “hello”
you might even have suggested that everything
is distorted in Los Angeles and I understand
that part of your mind very well
they are attacking us because
a full-time wolf is the first
time I've ever used that animal
to open my blouse using that guzzled syrup routine
and I’m not buying it, okay?
You can’t eat what’s not on your back--
not in the palsied meadow where my tired
animals are eating air from trucks.
No amount of pleading
or inane classicism is ever going
to bring you back to Los Angeles
so take the milk from your body
and use it to feed the animals
one at a time.


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