Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You've Got to Start Thinking About Your Future

Gas station or getting that
kind of job with people you talk to
one to that gas station was soothing
to you was blooming red he wears
khaki he's young so his principles
he won't watch television alone
he's propped up in the rooms
on shitty husk pillows
reads the room catalogues
the ones with rooms in them
the furnishings he imagines
the rooms or what he'd do in
them sitting beside someone
talking about current events
a movie maybe or a book
and then he starts spitting up
and needing to be a baby
with a cup and sweet bread
so the soothing oil and the blanket
with that he forgot about the war
while being a baby with needs
and that baby needs a lot of stuff.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

i love this mucho. also the glenn gould vid. also the fact that you posted that gertrude stein thing the very day that i had been talking about it with a dude who wrote like a 2-minute story to me about a man who loves her and tries to dig up her grave. cosmia!

5:56 PM  

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