Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Do a Good Job

Do what you can
for the people
the city really is
something else
to see
things fall apart
to be worried
about everything
but what worry does
to a body in the city
to lick your minty
sneeze from the sky
to help a sister out
the city is on maximum
the city is slippery
the city is clubbing my head
making me feel like a dumb-ass
run around the city
do a good job
city sparkle
city sleepwalk
city celebrate
the end of everything


Blogger Bob said...

Hello Todd:

I host a poetry show on the internet called i-outlaw, http://i-outlaw.blogspot.com , and wanted to know if you could record your poem "Do a Good Job" for the next episode...

Let me know: bmarcacci AT gmail DOT com

5:20 PM  

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