Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Let me have this dance. A sweetness, a breeze --I feel happy
for a moment, back to bed? Insolence is punished
with a sinking feeling. Sun so bright, cars zip by --
it almost feels like running. You are a monster
and a monster in that order. My eyes feel like they weigh
40 lbs. each and I have a headache. It gets ratty fast.

The light on the fire escape appears to move. A toilet
flushes somewhere in the building and we all smile
our incredible smiles, talk our incredible talk
and so it goes. Here comes the part about desire.
I can't wait to try my new flower schemes
out on some tourists. You should drink
a glass of cold water, climb back into bed and
sneeze repeatedly for effect. Rug burns where I tried
to make ends meet. Look how I move.

It is morning, the coffee is being made, there
are no secrets to be revealed yet. A bright
gluey future. Sprinkle affection. Watch my hand
draw squirrelly lines on your back -- it's
just like showbiz. The #1 law of golden thrills:
one must be careful or absolutely great.


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