Friday, September 22, 2006

The Modern Intensity

Well below the bulk of the day
there will be an advance of thought.
The struggle will be obscene,
some will shout, others will disguise
themselves as figures of authority.
There will be late stray intruders
pumped with impressive exaltations
that will erupt around daybreak,
when you'll witness their modern intensity.
Confidence will be less than desirable. A small
deviation will do great harm to the things you love.
There will be swirls of green foam
that you'll find most impressive.
By nightfall you'll be stuck a mile out at sea
on a buoy with no eye drops.
Rainfall from the midnight sky will startle you.
Knots will gather in your lower muscle.
The gloaming will bring dread.
It will be a slow eve.
The hours will wilt you into heaven.
Love, enough.


Blogger frankcolby said...

a small deviation-waited to post comment.
beautiful in its intensity Love

10:21 AM  

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