Monday, September 18, 2006

Blue #1 Aluminum Lake

Kissing places on the neck so hard that the lips feel the bones holding up the head.

I felt my sparkle reduced to a grotesque kind of fever.

I want to be significant, refreshing, and informative
like a soft drink poured over the New York Times.

The evening is so dumb.

Your lips may taste like amber but I will not take off my top for your business associates.

If you rub the stillness from my machines I’ll open the window for mommy: SUN BEARS!

The realization that perhaps it was something- the peach perhaps, yellow but browning- a dingy plum dripping juice- and he sucked it off his fingers and lifted the jug with the same sticky hands.

Pepys buys friends oysters in a tavern, comes home and breaks Elizabeth’s basket (that he’d purchased for her on his travels).

When the doorbell rang and the people in the movie didn’t get up to answer it, I realized it was our doorbell.

Elk and Frogs. What the purported film of Big Foot showed it eating.

Amber. The smell of amber. Malin & Goetz? An odor spreading across my heart. A lumpy curtain. Still, just as belligerent, just as heartwarming, just as hysterical, just as oceanic. Just a piggy. Just limping into the lavender and amber. Malin & Goetz. Synthesized Lotus Root.


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