Friday, April 18, 2014

Come On

The oranges I bought last week are brown.
The blossoms on the trees are covered with frost.
The garbage truck is very loud.
Denim comes in many hues.
The fridge hums in tune with Satie.
A postcard can also be a gift.
The pleasant aroma of pancakes is soothing.
A green tea kettle arrived in the mail.
The carbon aero bars are dusty.
A Pantone color chart can be used as a map for a trip.
What is the word for appealingly disheveled?
The sun is behind a scrim of clouds.
The purpose of morning is coffee.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hashtag Blessed

There was a persistent rumor
that you were in management (illegible). I came
from the same Connecticut circle. A lot
of other influences came about. Thin Lizzy,
Williamsburg & Greenpoint. There are a lot of issues
on the receiving end of a lot of phone calls.
Things happen on D.I.Y. rooftops. It's a judgement
call; they need to be reminded. If it's compelling to
the Death Metal band, then use acrylics to shield them.
Our other friend is Lucky Ferrari. Jersey City,
a real fun track.

Furry Lewis - Furry's Blues

Monday, April 14, 2014

Future Storms

Things get in the way
because I am no fan of memory.
The taste of Crest on a spoon is
all minty and metallic. A summer day
is yawning before me. Deep in the city
the strangle of humidity is a dirty pink
fist around my neck. I try to make myself
dizzy when I reach into the fridge for
something old. If I spin around too fast, I
stagger across the living room with white spots
advertised behind my eyes. I'm here for you.
You might not know that.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Drunken Boat: Flatland (June 3, 1996 - from a rehearsal tape)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hugo Largo - Martha

I'm Giving a Reading in Paris, June 4, 2014

It's official:
> 04.06.14 todd colby & fabienne raphoz


double change et la Maison de la poésie de Paris

vous invitent à une lecture

de Todd COLBY et de Fabienne RAPHOZ

Mercredi 4 juin à 19h30

Maison de la poésie
Passage Molière 157 rue Saint-Martin 75003 Paris
Métro : Rambuteau RER : Châtelet-Les Halles Bus : 29, 38, 47, 75
Entrée : 5€

Biographies :

Todd Colby a publié quatre livres de poésie : Ripsnort, Cush, Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Writings, et Tremble & Shine, tous chez Soft Skull Press. Ses derniers textes sont parus dans Flushing Meadows, livret publié par Scary Topiary Press en 2013. Son prochain livre, Splash State, est à paraître en 2014 aux éditions The Song Cave. Todd Colby a dirigé la publication de l’anthologie Heights of the Marvelous: A New York Anthology (St. Martin’s Press). Il est membre de la direction du Poetry Project à New York où il anime des ateliers d’écriture. Il publie régulièrement ses travaux en cours sur son blog

Poète, essayiste & éditrice, Fabienne Raphoz (née en 1961 en Haute-Savoie) dirige depuis 1996, avec Bertrand Fillaudeau, les éditions Corti. Elle y a créé, en particulier, trois collections (la Collection « Merveilleux », 1998 ; la « Série américaine » & « Biophilia »). 

Elle a notamment publié trois livres de poésie, aux éditions Héros-Limite de Genève et des anthologies commentées sur le conte populaire, aux éditions Corti.

Bibliographie sélective :
Les Femmes de Barbe-Bleue, éditions Métropolis, Genève, 1995
Des Belles et des Bêtes, une anthologie de fiancés animaux, José Corti, 2003
Pendant, 1-62, Héros-Limite, 2005
L’Aile bleue des contes : l’oiseau, Corti, avec des dessins de Ianna Andréadis, 2009
Jeux d’oiseaux dans un ciel vide, augures, Héros-Limite, 2011
Terre sentinelle, Héros-Limite, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spastic Saturday

Everything in the city looks wobbly
and aggressive today. The way the wind bullies
the bare trees is upsetting the kids in the park.
The squirrels look hesitant on patches of brown grass.
Skittish citizens don plaid and suspenders
as they stroll down 19th Century Court Street.
An Aeron chair is a good thing to sit on
and hyperventilate. The polyester webbing
leaves imprints on your rump. The sky is blue and dotted
with posh puffs. Liszt helps. Coffee, not so much.

Friday, April 04, 2014


The birds have come back to
Brooklyn. Even in the rain with the attendant rhythmic
swoosh and hiss of cars, I can hear the chirps
of tiny brown birds as they hop on trashcan lids
and peck in a frantic cluster around a bright yellow
hamburger wrapper for the remnants of a bun, I imagine.

There's so much in the news lately about
parallel universes that I'm intrigued
and slightly baffled that another me, writing
this, is sitting by a window watching birds in another
Brooklyn, while two of you
read this from similar chairs. Too bad we can't all hang out.

I'll address the other one of you while the one
writing this wonders: who thought to write this first?
Still, people outside walk to work while aligning themselves
perfectly with the earth's core, their heads pointing
into space at all sorts of angles in accordance
with the curve of the earth.