Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Poem from Miami

When it rains in Miami
the air smells metallic and sweet
like a frightened snake. My clothes
are heavy and dank from the humidity.
All the trees we
don't have in New York
are here in Miami.
While I waited for coffee
at the Ocean Deli on 20th St
a man coughed
on my neck twice.
I felt the pressure
of the air vacating his lungs
on my hair. I turned around
and said "Please do not
cough on my neck," to which
he replied, "I only did it once."
Meanwhile, palm trees swirl
from the wind of a minor
tropical depression. It is
8:05 AM, 73 degrees, Wednesday,
January 6th, 2016.


Blogger joanna said...

Please don't cough on my neck. Isn't that always the way? (By the way, I thought the clothes were heavy and dank from the *humility*. That's how I read it. I think that's just me.)

11:15 PM  

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