Sunday, June 28, 2015

This is a Test

You might have forgotten something.
Perhaps you forgot something,
a train ride will do that. The weather is memorable.
Traveling by train will make things memorable.
It is good that things fall to the floor
because it means gravity is stable when things fall to the floor.
The day is round and brooding, it has no edges.
The day is blobby and dark, it has no horizon.
To come down here all askew with pretty things.
To come here all pleased with beautiful things.
I can't have all the stuff I see or I'll stain it.
You can not have the kinds of things you see in the shade.
Send things back to the sky because you will leave here alone
and return it to the sky if you leave here in peace.
You'll get blue juice on it. People at tables will flip birds.
People will get juice delivered to their tables.
Blue birds will return soon after they flutter from your hands.
Blue birds will fall from your hands.
You will look straight into the sun and go blind
which will be directly related with the sun and you going blind.
Swear right then and there that there are no rules.
Promise right now that there are no rules.
People follow rules, but you are so good now it doesn't matter.
Someone has to go, but you're so here now it is no matter.
I see through all that's there now.
What you see through is almost everything now.
The skin on your fingers is shriveled from soaking in my light.
Your skin is wrinkled, your fingers are soaking in my light.
Low and humming, another room full of me, if you could only get there.
The floor hums a different room full of you, if you could get to it.
What I would do to incorporate my style into your day
is start by incorporating my style into your day.
What you see through: you and me. The flowers have faded
so I'll write up that the flowers have withered
at regular intervals. A conversation about time passing
at regular intervals. A conversation about the weather
when you feel removed from someone. The way a pillow smells
when you feel removed from someone. Like a pillow,
but with the blankness you can be enveloped. So.
Is smooth, but the emptiness you can. So.


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