Friday, August 15, 2014

August Poem

The mellow beauty of "I don't know."
Soothing someone is harder than it seems.
I'm finally ready for Planet of the Apes,
& Guardians of the Galaxy. A list of fluffy
things, hard things, & purple things.
August seems more like September since
June felt more like July. The shepherds saw
the cardinal fall and land on the tin roof
with a bright "ting." I'll always give you
more than you asked for. I have chairs that
you can fall over. Graduates receive I-pads.
A pond full of yawning orange koi
surfacing for balls of bread. Pliable
and fantastic, I think of everything you
do as cat-like and illusive. Humming city,
mutable traffic, gigantic rooms. There's
a melody you can hum for me as I do
things for you tomorrow.


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