Friday, May 23, 2014

Gateway Activity (Written with Joanna Penn Cooper)

A bus stops in front of the building
and honks repeatedly, summoning you
sent from my iPhone
made of leather and some great
bonded material. You glance up
and a purple glow is surrounding
a man's face reading this over your shoulder.
You could follow the man or you could
get on the bus. You go with choice C
and keep reading. Choice D involves drinking
too much water, which is known to soften your
bones, giving you a loopy, flimsy look that is
quite popular among the Parisian Cognoscenti,
whatever that means. The bottom line: you lack
a spine.You go too long without practicing
your areas of expertise and forget all
your French, how to navigate the West
Village, and how to impart longing, joy,
& consternation unto the most charismatic
members of the ruling class. The revolution
is coming, or so they say. Meanwhile: work calls,
and the ever impending wave of fear, which is really
only an extended vacation in a field of rot. Viz.,
A golden opportunity, as they say in the business.
Excuse me, where is Los Angeles again?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the essence of every vacation

3:20 PM  

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