Thursday, December 06, 2012

United & Raw

Needing or wanting something like an action figure
to wile away the hours with or to simply slide
on a ribbon of glass all the way into a vat
of warm wax. I want only simple things that don't pose
engineering problems or require long explanations
or psychoanalysis. I am dampening the sounds
in my head with a fluffy towel and coffee.
I still hear frantic harpsichords and loud neighbors
banging shit around like they were in their own video
about loud neighbors banging shit around. I stumble down
the stairs into the cold. My hands are chapped, they look
papery and flaked. On the street people look past me
into the eyes of their appropriate partners. Hi!
The damage has been contained by multitudes. All the private parts
are raw to the touch. Granules of salt infuriate
some of the people all of the time. As the year ends
we're all united and raw. Won't you tiptoe into oblivion with me?
And then I start getting this feeling of expectation.


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