Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Top 10

1) Peaches. In season. Like the dream peaches of my youth in Atlanta, Georgia.

2) Cherries. In season. Eating a big bowl of them like Michael Stipe at age 13 watching Patti Smith for the first time on television while eating a big bowl of cherries. True.

3) The Feelies - The Good Earth. Every time I listen to this record I think of my old apartment at 236 E. 12th Street in Manhattan.

4) Brooklyn Bridge Park. I get a good feeling down there.

5) Cadel Evans.

6) The repaving of Alpine Road.

7) Doing what I can for the people.

8) Cultivating a sense of forgetfulness at night.

9) New fancy cycling shoes from Specialized. Thank you, Tara.

10) Riding over the Brooklyn Bridge at dawn.


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