Thursday, July 07, 2011

Deliciously Fresh

You can drive all the way to
Miami in your Sunday best. You
can blow a kiss to the fancy people
in your garden with its broken
pool and deflated tube. I'll take care of you
when everything collapses around you.
I'll cheer you up with Tic Tacs,
dark chocolate and a few odd
new green snacks that they sell at Trader Joe's.
You will be able to read the letters
I send to you on this night.
This is what I'll do for you
when I really want to send you things.
Soon, the night will generate a bonanza
in a very realistic way that will dissolve tension.
When I get to you, you will know me better
than the people who talk about me.
We will party on a fabulous beach
with all these deliously fresh people
whose cool names we'll never know.


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