Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It Just Goes to Show You

The world was at work so we flew
the animal in to tell us tales of flying and working
and so on. We wanted to be amused by a real animal
and we were. We all have to work
at something so we got that animal
and raised that animal up into the world
to work at something we could all appreciate
until we got jacked and decided the animal
was a bore with all of its brooding.
We just wanted to be distracted by delightful tales
from what we should have been doing for ourselves,
like shopping for stuff that people could ask us about.
It's like this: I tied the animal to a wing
and I flew while the animal brooded and told
me what it saw down below.
What a long time to raise an animal in today's world!
It just goes to show you that people like the informal
atmosphere where they can just chill and stop brooding
about having to be all formal with titles and personalities.
For your information: Work do's and don'ts: do not act
like a sullen animal if you're feeling grumpy
about having to work where you'd rather not have a job to do.
Don't fuck my shit up with your sullen animal bullshit;
you are not a rockstar--you are an animal, like me. In other news:
The weather was good in all directions
at once, bucking a 40-knot yellow bird
at sundown. Then we drove a 1966
Plymouth Valiant, formerly owned by
Neta Snook who taught Amelia Earhart
to fly. The car ran flawlessly. I hope
you find a new job soon.


Blogger Glen Green said...

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10:39 PM  
Blogger Glen Green said...

"Don't f my s up with your sullen animal bs" - that line first made me choke on my own spittle, then I took it to heart, and now I can't shake this sullen animal look.

10:41 PM  

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