Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Ball Poem

You loaf like a deer in a medicine chest
you get groggy and light maximum with the thrill
of a booming city made of metal and yarn
go get the box of flesh and read to me
blow sax machines into the bright new oblivion
skate in the woods on the frozen lake
eat gingerbread and eagles and pout
you have big baby status among smaller babies
the roof is collapsing from sugar and punks
all I have to do is whistle and the trees
start gleaming so settle in for the duration
claustrophobic winter chills and wind
you see sparkles where once stood dull information
you may now lick cherry marmalade
from the tip of the clown and do justice to the mighty
serve treats to the passengers and light up and lighter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so very Todd. Brilliant and funny, good sir.

1:42 PM  

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