Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fancy Land

I'm glad you came in here
with your capacity for sleep
all standing around on the bed
waiting for the train some commotion
down the stairway is causing
a clanging song so you can dance to it
though the turbulence is a bit
overplayed and repulsive to those
caught in feelings of self-help sections
trying to explain more than just one thing
well, I found it: red and slab-like
about the size of a dime
a clotted cameo in the sheets
a reminder of some vague offering
in this muddy room an incisor
all delicate and scuffed
just getting rid of precision
or facts or anything else that seems
too heavy to operate in this state--
I am alarmingly certain of this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"o you sexy thing" fact

11:29 AM  

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