Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Top 16

1) Where the Wild Things Are.
2) Hannah from Jade.
3) Rag and Bone (on Christopher and Mercer Streets).
4) Solo Ride to Nyack -- I got some thinking done.
5) I thought of you 100 times today. For realz.
6) Kind email from Jennifer L. Knox.
7) Union Market.
8) All day feeling like people were making eyes at me.
9) Walked from 34 & 8th to Canal and Lafayette in new sky blue Vans.
10) People really like soccer.
11) CB2 on Lower Broadway.
12) I really did think of you 100 times today.
13) Grapefruit Juice (craving all the time).
14) New York City Ballet Dancers in my Apartment.
15) New orange placemats.
16) I didn't talk to anyone I know today.


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