Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Name the Days

It must be mesmerizing to be you because you told me
you could be fascinating and unreasonable and
intriguing in rope espadrilles with flat tote silk
charmeuse bleeding floral print dress multi-straps
on your head functioning on a higher plane
than the rest of us being fascinating is hard work
in tokyo paris or new york I thumb dial
your message haunts me still all day you are just
so fucking gone picky people love the way
the air catches under a bird's wings
and all the boats in the bay bob like yellow
gold plumage on a vat of black oil
you must make the sharks swoon for your meat
just a nibble of your finger in skinny pants
you were fucking me the competent shopper
leather fisherman's sandals with ruffles not so nice
you'll never read this wednesdays are my thursdays
just go just name the days and go.


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