Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Cart

Do you know what she might like
to celebrate her Todd? Bold. She might
take that red cart to the beach to multiply
her desire for Todd. She is all rhythm and rice.
Can there be something about a pail?
Yes, there can be a pail and it will have milk in it
for the shark. I like to build castles from the shells
of my vivid panic. You are confused by this. That's okay.
There are many of us here who feel that
Todd is barking up the wrong. Maybe, maybe not.
For your ideas I bring these pests that make my
nights hard and seemingly gravity free. I can't
see what you say. Please keep all inquiries
to yourself, okay? I mean really, when you think
of me, are you thinking of someone else
named Todd? I couldn't care less. I am in this
making my way home too.


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